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Define a digital image

Redefining Finance codes

  • Digital design
  • Brand design

In order to have a digital image in accordance with the quality of their advice, the investment bank Vulcain asked Storm Studio to create a new website.

To establish their brand identity, the Studio first evolved the Vulcain logo with the creation of a pictogram and a graphic charter. This new charter was then applied to the communication media (business card, stationery, brochure).

For the new website, the designers worked on the re-transcription of the business understanding. To make it more human and assert Vulcain's DNA, the Studio directed the artistic direction of the site's photographs in order to differentiate Vulcain from the competition, using image banks extensively. To reinforce their digital presence, the Studio also worked on Vulcain's social media communication strategy.

"Thanks to the Storm team for their work and kindness for our brand"

M. Schor

Associate partner