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Phy track +

  • Brand design
  • Product & service design
  • Digital design
  • Design strategy

TLTI, an SME specialized in communication systems, asked the Studio to work on the brand and the interface of their sports tracker project.

The project having no name, the designers organized a brainstorming with the director of the brand to find a name: Phy +. Followed by the phases of creation of the logo and the graphic chart for the product variations (Phytrack +). In order to make this new brand known, the Studio produced the associated presentation documents and a showcase website.

Regarding the software interface, in addition to the requested functions of individual and collective performance management and different teams, the Studio offered the company to integrate a challenges system between players (best sprinter, marathoner ... ) and design a more restricted mobile version for low budget clubs.

We are very happy with the overall design work done by Storm Studio


General director