Storm Studio Tornado

A gold caterer

Gastronomic in-flight meal

  • Brand design
  • Product & service design

Spoon of money is a high-end caterer whose fruits and vegetables come from the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, "The kitchen garden of the King". During the creation of the company, the entrepreneur came to the Studio to create her brand and develop a meal tray in accordance with the authentic and rare ingredients that she cooks.


The Studio has therefore developed the company's brand strategy and asked a certified partner to design a logo representing luxury and femininity. The Studio also worked on the design of a meal tray whose cutlery is durable or biodegradable and whose components are all made in France.

The Storm team did a very good job with the creation of our identity we could apply on our in-flight meal


Fondatrice of Cuillère d'Argent