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Artengo FR620 rackets

Rethinking table tennis

  • Product & service design

The Studio's designers had the task of redesigning Artengo's outdoor table tennis racket, a racquet sports brand from Decathlon, to compete with the Cornilleau brand in the leisure sector.

The analysis, including the meeting with licensed players from 5 to 70 years, showed that the standard racket was not well adapted to the hand and that there was a lot of wear of the racket at the handle and carpet. In addition to overcoming the constraints of the standard racket, it also had to resist if it is left outside or thrown.

In the proposal of the concepts, the biggest problem was to integrate the Artengo codes in the style (graphic chart product) and the ergonomics but also the industrial constraints of the mass sale. Two patents have been filed on the handle and the method of making the racket.

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Artengo design director