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Protect your nest

  • Brand design

Founded in 2016 by Raphaël Vullierme and Benoît Bourdel, Luko was initially a start-up exclusively positioned in the home automation market. The vocation of entrepreneurs was to sell a device, "Luko Home Guardian", which sticks on the electricity meter to read consumption in real time. Thus, as soon as an anomaly is identified, when the iron has remained lit for example, the user is instantly alerted to prevent domestic risks.


To start his business, the company needed an identity.

How do we create a brand?

The goal was to create a simple and reassuring identity that refers to the world of the house.

  • Design analysis

    After an analysis of homonyms and main competitors, several ideas were proposed to the founder around 4 words representing the brand: smart, friendly, companion, accessible.

  • Design Concepts

    The logos proposed at the beginning took over the name of the company with different styles: retro, livestyle, connected, 2.0. The founder redirected the brief following the first ideation meeting to have an animal mascot. The designers thus presented him with a rounded logo accompanied by a bird, in reference to the nest that is the home.

  • Design Development

    This logo was then finalized and accompanied by a graphic charter (colors and paterne).


Luko has decided to enter the home insurance market by combining its expertise in home automation with claims management to "Prevent damage rather than cure". Thanks to the devices, the user can monitor his consumption and be alerted if there is a risk.

And now?


The Studio collaborated with Luko to help develop the home automation offer it offers to these customers. In addition to designing different visuals and rendering devices, the Studio worked on their packaging. The latter should reflect the brand while allowing a mailing in letter format (-3 cm).

Great team, I recommand Storm Studio!

Raphaël Vullierme

CEO of Luko