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Bouygues E&S

How become the first Smart Metropole

  • Digital design

How to stand out from others to respond to a tender? This is the initial question posed by Bouygues E & S at the Studio in 2015. Bouygues E & S wanted to respond to Grand Dijon's call for tenders to respond to the problem of transforming the city into a smartcity competing with the biggest in Europe.


For Bouygues E & S, the only constraint of the brief was to win the tender (the largest French public tender in the service). As for the means and the strategy, the Studio's designers were free in their proposal


Implementation of the step up

In order to understand the stakes of the requested service and the real needs of the client, Michaël Imbert to conduct a strategic analysis to understand the response that Bouygues E & S wanted to bring to the city.


To be more impactful and to differentiate itself from competitors, it has been proposed a response strategy to the global tender, by breaking it down into 3 phases / oral. Each phase rising in power over the experience in different oral.

  • Design analysis

    Always with the aim of proposing a new tender delivery experience, our analysis of uses and our benchmark took us to the augmented / virtual reality track.

    The theme being the Smartcity and Bouygues E & S offering "smart" services, the strategy team focused its search for trends on smart and intuitive solutions for overall project coherence.

  • Design Concepts

    With this analysis and the different data collected and transmitted, our creative team brainstormed around more interactive and immersive solutions, to allow the jury (local elected representatives and Mayor) to be stimulated and to understand the project more quickly.

    It was therefore proposed to make videos of the various solutions proposed by Bouygues E & S but also model their solution integrated photos-realistic.

  • Design Development

    The challenge lay in the materialization and imaging of solutions that had not yet been developed by Bouygues E & S. Our teams have brought this Smartcity offer to life by producing application models, videos presenting the proposed solutions as well as 3D models and photo-realistic renderings.


The immersion beging

With the aim of "upscaling", we have proposed for this second phase an even more realistic rendering by injecting into Bouygues' solutions notions of design, in particular rethinking the scenography of the place according to the information path.

Then, we thought to optimize the comfort of the users. In order for the committee to have a facilitated understanding of the project, we have increased the immersion by creating a virtual tour software, with 2 possible modes of visit: guided or autonomous. We gave the possibility to the user to interact with the different elements to have more information and thus have a thorough reading.


Total immersion

Finally, for the last oral, we helped Bouygues modeled the proposed solution in full size. This was the culmination of this approach and this desire to allow committee members to test the proposed solution.

For people who can not go on site and live the life-size experience, we have developed a virtual reality virtual tour, to find this feeling of immersion through the helmet.

In September 2017, Bouygues E & S won the € 100,000,000 tender for the city of Dijon.

What I retain from my collaboration with Storm Studio is the availability and the seriousness of the teams and the quality of the work in the respect of the deadlines.

Magali Le Coze

Smartcity projects manager at Bouygues E&S