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Supervising guard

  • Product & service design

Development of aerial inspection and surveillance solutions. The patented technology offers the ability to remotely operate on sensitive area for collaborative missions such as crisis management, safety and security, periodic and predictive maintenance, key asset monitoring or 2D/3D mapping.

To make their system autonomous and operational 24/7, the company has missioned Stormstudio to design a weattherproof surveillance system that is easy to move and easy to handle.


A s

The designers had to analyze the multiple constraints of the project to achieve a major product whose innovative opening mechanisms allow the drone to land at any time.

  • Design analysis

    The specifications of the product were dense: weather resistance, transportable by helicopter as a forklift, evacuation of rainwater / vegetation / snow, easy handling. But that did not scare our designers!

    The designers of the strategy division conducted an analysis, taking market studies, trends and user needs. This allowed the company and the designers to set the functions and to detect issues not covered by the specifications.

  • Design Concepts

    The designers of the creative department then developed 3 tracks of product design differentiating themselves by their volume, identity and use. The kinematics and the precision of the solutins have also been worked on

    The concept chosen by the founder was then reworked at the level of identity to stick to the priorities of the company.

  • Design Development

    Once the concept was finalized, we have modeled in 3D to go into prototyping.

    Through the network of partners labeled "Storm", the company has found a prototypist able to design and assemble the prototype. For a quality result, the Director of Creation was in constant contact with the prototypist to follow the progress of the project. Once the prototype finalized, some adjustments were made for the production.


Graphism provide information

The Studio worked on the graphical aspect by adding color stickers to remind the brand identity, security zones, transmit information and facilitate maintenance.


Coming soon

In-situ experiments will begin soon, stay connected to our social networks for more information!

A teamwork side by side, storm was able to stay available and pro-active

Alexandre Rethor