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Luxemburgish company Superdome chose Storm Studio to define the new style of its future solar cover products. This project was developed over a period of 2 years.


Superdome has been developing and designing roofing and solar production products since 2008.


The Superdome company called on us in 2013 for a global design project with the objective of developing a solar tile and implant it in different countries.

This project came from an observation: the development of an innovative solar material but little emphasized by the very complex solar installation solutions. We built the strategy upstream to give a relevant direction to the project: establish our design analysis and our creation and then build a project team according to our objectives.

  • Design analysis

    During our analysis phase, we conducted a competitive study and benchmarked both new trends in terms of use and new trends in terms of functionality and technique and aesthetics. We have been able to redefine new specifications and refine Superdome's desire.
    The new design brief therefore included new constraints and new opportunities such as:
    -Integration of the roofing profession
    -Simplified power generation for the "effortless" user
    -Propose affordable prices to attack the market and win
    -Design 3 models of different tiles to adapt to different cultures and standards

  • Design Concepts

    The specifications redefined, our creative team took over the project. After many brainstorming, 3 strong concepts emerged and were submitted to the clients. A proposal has been selected and declined in 3 different forms. To simplify the use, our teams have imagined a solution called PLUG AND PLAY.

    To facilitate the use and understanding of the power generation system, the tile has been designed to be smart: the ability to locate itself relative to other tiles and to retrieve information for maintenance and upkeep.

    With the creation and the principles of design being formalized, we formed the team with the necessary skills: a roofing expert, an embedded complex system engineer specializing in solar energy, an expert in energy conversion and finally a certification body.

  • Design Development

    The technical team challenged the design by bringing new features to improve the product, including an anti-flapping system for tiles (in areas of high winds).

    To put into action the principles conceived, and to understand the strengths and axes of iteration, we prototyped and installed the Superdome tiles on roofs to carry out a battery of tests. In a logic of improvement we have conducted tests with users and resellers to prove the effectiveness of the concept.


The creation of the Superdome identity occurred at the end of the product creation phase.

To give strength to the project and have visibility and product recognition, we expected to know the form and functionality and exploit the data in the creation. Following several proposals for graphic identity, the chosen solution was the one that told the story of the product features: a possibility of arranging the different modules and the ease of plug and play. To get the necessary financing, we realized the necessary documents and financial decks.


In the first place, we presented them with a web configurator, an interface for the user and the customer to discover the product, as well as all its specificities and its use

The configurator allows him, to calculate, according to the data given by the customer, the exact number of tiles necessary for a good production of energy and the necessary arrangement. In a second step of the cycle of use, an application allows the user to monitor its consumption, the production of electricity, and know if its use is ideal. Finally, this information is also a database for Superdome to ensure a high performance service and have an overview of everything that happens with the customer.


David Merle

CEO Superdom