Storm Studio Tornado
A global approach for a local impact

A strategic creativ approach

Our design expertise is lead by a 3 steps methodology


The rigour serving the creativity

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It's the analyze and research step where the project is view from different angles - trends, market, marketing, ethnography, etc - to understand the need and the contraints linked.


The second step is the creation and modelization. It's influenced and oriented by the collected data. The concepts developped are more efficient and respond to the users needs. They are innovativ and bring the notion of user experience and design thinking to the project.


Last step, the development: we draw technical files and follow the prototyping. User test can be practice to determinate the modifications to bring to the prototype before industrialization. When it's ready, the industrialization is launch and the project go to market.

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    3 pillars for a 360 degrees realization project

    A unique brand experience

    Brand design


    Brand Design helps define strategic directions that will be strong markers of identity. This reflection is then declined on communication media to give strength to the brands of our customers.

    Our services


    - Brand development

    - Visual identity

    - Communication strategy

    - Innovation Strategy

    - Communication tools

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    3 pillars for a 360 degrees realization project

    An identity product to reach its target

    Product & services design

    The historical pillar of the studio, product design, is a vast discipline, ranging from packaging to connected objects. We design our solutions with a concern for accuracy, meaning for the user and our customers as well as the ability to deliver an optimal user experience.


    Our services

    - Design packaging
    - industrial design
    - Medical design
    - Mobility design 
    - IoT design
    - Retail design

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    3 pillars for a 360 degrees realization project

    A digital experience for clear differentiation

    Digital Design

    Digital Design is a field of possibilities, in which we evolve according to the needs of our customers. Whether it is the creation of a website or software development, we have been able to support the ambitions of our clients.

    Our services

    - Mobile app
    - Software design
    - New interactions
    - Virtual reality
    - Code


Our clients are in different sectors

Each project is a new challenge

  • Food

  • Bank and insurance

  • Hostel and restaurant

  • watchmaking

  • Real estate

  • Industry

  • IoT

  • Medical

  • Defence

  • Furniture

  • Mobility

  • Digital

  • Chilcare

  • Sport

  • Surveillance-Security

  • Tourism